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Tipper Gore
(wearing red, might I add.)

    Who else could it possibly be? Very few people like Satan, even fewer people like Tipper Gore.  So many similarities. Let's go to the slides. No, I don't have any slides, strike that.  "But Michelle," you might say, "How can Tipper Gore be Satan when she so vehemently speaks against bands like Mercyful Fate and Venom?"  And I ask you.. How on God's green earth would she know evil bands like Mercyful Fate and Venom existed unless she were the Dark Lord himself?  Then you might say, "But she's done so much for children, the homeless, etc, etc," and I'd tell you, what better way to disguise her true identity than to attempt to do GOOD deeds?  Besides, she's the arch-enemy of free speech and any form of artistic expression, be it good expression or... rap.  She's trying to degrade us to unthinking, mindless drones with no method to expand our horizons. Helloooo 1984.  (at least, that's where her haircut comes from.)

Some pleasant Tipper-Loving websites. (Watch out for snakes!)

Beat The Hell Out Of Tipper Gore (because we all know she has SO much Hell in her, being Satan and all.)

Tipper Gore: Enemy of Freedom

Anti-Censorship - This website has an interesting quote, and an address where you can send letters to Satipper. Granted it may not be valid anymore since her moron of a husband LOST the election and they may want to get their tails out of DC to avoid utter embarassment and deep emotional scars.  Look for them in Idaho somewhere.