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Jeffrey Dahmer

    doesn't need much of an introduction. WARNING: Descriptions are graphic and do contain some grisly details, but by all means not all of them.  


    Steven Hicks - 1978, struck  him in the head with a barbell and killed him.  Went off to the Army. Didn't kill anybody there. Once back home, he dug up Hicks' body,  pounded the decomposing corpse with a sledgehammer and scattered the remains in the woods.
    Steven Toumi - 1987, Dahmer didn't know  how he killed him, but when he awoke, Toumi was dead and blood was on his  mouth.  He bought a large suitcase and  stuffed the body inside.  After he took Toumi's corpse to his grandmother's  basement, he had sex with it, masturbated  on it, dismembered it and threw it in the garbage.  The rest of the murders went basically along that routine.  Luring, drugging, strangling, nasty things, dismembering, taking photos throughout the process.
     Dahmer claimed that  he ate the flesh of his victims because he believed that the people would come alive again in him.   He tried various seasonings and  meat tenderizers to make the human flesh more tasty.
    Once they were drugged, he drilled a hole in  their skulls and injected some muriatic acid into their brains.  Needless to say, it caused death right away in a few victims, but one supposedly functioned minimally for a few days before dying.

    The morning of November 28, 1994, the guard left Dahmer and another murderer, Christopher Scarver alone to do their janitoral prison work.  Twenty minutes later, the guards  came back to find Dahmer's head crushed.  A bloody broom handle seemed to represent Scarver's statement on the subject.  Jeffrey Dahmer was pronounced dead at 9:11 A.M.


Berlin - Dahmer's psychiatrist during the trial, kinda funny... Sex with corpses, etc.

Forgiveness - Dahmer

Trial - Dahmer hopes the trial will help.

Blame - "I take all the blame for what I've done.."


"There's a fucking head in the refrigerator!" - cop investigating Dahmer's Apartment 213 (Hey! another Slayer song).

Anne Schwartz remembers the second day of jury selection before the prospective jurors were called into the room. Boyle held up a tabloid newspaper that read "Milwaukee Cannibal Killer Eats His Cellmate." "We all laughed," Schwartz recalled,
"especially Jeffrey Dahmer...He was an attractive man when he laughed...I could see
how so many were taken in by him."

Records of the 1994 autopsy of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer reveal that officials kept Dahmer's body shackled at the feet during the entire procedure, "such was the fear of this man," according to pathologist Robert Huntington.

"I really screwed up this time."
                  - Jeffrey Dahmer to his father

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Macabre - Chicago band with an album about.. yeah, Dahmer.  There's a link there to the sick puppy comic strip about Dahmer.

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