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Vince McMahon

    Vince McMahon to rule the world? We should all be so lucky.  Vince is my hero, personally, but he's here on the villains page because of his superevil wrestling corporate monster persona.   Vince who belittles women on national television, tells his own son he never should have been born, and gives his wife a nervous breakdown. And that's only in the past six months. But in the interest of fairness, superevil Vince has some good qualities I must mention.  He always does things in a fair and just manner and doesn't approve of cheating, especially if the cheating is being done AGAINST him. He also believes that divorce is a horrible thing.. because it causes a man to split his worldly assets.  Mr. McMahon is in the real-life villains section because, well... He owns the entire wrestling world.. and.. isn't that just delightfully wicked?  And he said the "F" word and asserted his authority on the Bob "Moron" Costas show.  Besides, look at this quote from some Ratto at

                "He went from being just another carny barker into someone who, like Joseph Stalin, Albert Einstein, Pokemon and Steve Forbes, has made it to the cover of Time
Magazine.  That's right. Joseph Stalin."

We *heart* YOU, Vince!

Also in honourable mention is his daughter, Stephanie.